About Me

I am currently a Research Associate in the Department of Communication in the College of Communication Arts and Sciences at Michigan State University. I work with Dr. Maria Lapinski and Dr. Julie Funk on the One Health Initiative, a program of interdisciplinary collaborations that tackle complex research issues spanning the natural and social sciences. The initiative includes a distributed network of researchers from human, animal, and ecosystem health, and various social science disciplines such as information science, communication, economics, and philosophy.

Prior to this, I was a Research Fellow at the University of Michigan School of Information. I worked with Dr. Nicole Ellison in the U-M School of Information and Dr. Rey Junco in the School of Education at Iowa State University on the College Knowledge Challenge Research Project. My research there examined the use of social media applications and social websites designed to help low-income and first-generation students address challenges associated with applying to, persisting in, and graduating from college.

I earned my PhD from the U-M School of Information, where I worked with Dr. Soo Young Rieh. At U-M, I was a member of the Social Media Research Lab (SMRL), the Information Behavior and Interaction (IBI) Research Group, and Michigan Interactive and Social Computing (MISC).

I can be reached by email at yjeon at umich dot edu or gyj at msu dot edu.